Weather Station -

KCASANLO4 - San Lorenzo, California, USA

Location: Latitude: 37.669   Longitude: 122.136   Elevation: 9 ft

Hardware: Ambient Weather WS-2080 Home Weather Station

Software: Cumulus 1.9 by Sandaysoft

Updates: Every 15 minutes between 6AM and 8PM Pacific Standard Time.

Last updated : 10/25/2014 9:59:48 PM


Current Weather -

Temperature: 59.7°F and Falling.

Pressure: 30.04 and Rising.

Wind: 0 mph heading NE and gusting to 2 mph.

Rain: 0.00 inches has fallen in the last hour and 0.00 inches has fallen today.


Yesterdays Weather -

Temperature: Yesterdays high was 76.8°F recorded at 14:23 and low was 51.1°F at 07:23.

Pressure: Highest pressure was 29.92 recorded at 00:23 with a low of 29.84 at 17:23.

Wind: Gusts as high as 10 mph heading 90 occured at 14:23.

Rain: Total rain for the day was 0.00 inches.